Erasmus Student Network Azerbaijan hosted a successful "Orientation Day" event for international students newly arrived Baku!

ESN Azerbaijan marked the beginning of the semester with a warm welcome for international students at "Orientation Day" event held in the vibrant capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, on October 1st, 2023.
ESN Azerbaijan with its mission to support and enrich the experiences of international students in Azerbaijan, took the initiative to organize this event. The primary objective was to provide a platform for international students to foster connections, immerse themselves in Azerbaijani culture, and participate in informative sessions and icebreaking activities.
The event commenced with an informative session about ESN Azerbaijan and its diverse array of activities, ensuring that international students were well-informed about the organization's offerings. To foster connections among attendees, engaging ice-breaking games were organized, creating an atmosphere of friendship and inclusivity.
Subsequently, participants took part in a captivating tour of Old Baku, allowing them to discover the historical beauty and rich heritage of the city. The day was brought to a delightful close with a national dinner at a local restaurant, offering students a taste of Azerbaijani cuisine, followed by an engaging party where they could relax and celebrate begining of the new semester.
ESN Azerbaijan would like to express its sincere gratitude to the international students for dedicating their time to be a part of this memorable event. The organization extends its best wishes to them for a successful and enriching semester ahead in Baku, Azerbaijan.
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