What is the buddy programme?

The buddy programme is designed for international students in order to assist them in Baku with integration in the Azerbaijani student life. ESN ADA Baku Buddy Program wants to help exchange, as well as international students to establish social and academic network starting from day one. Our main goal is to provide joyful and exciting experience to students who start their new journey in Baku.

The local buddy gets an opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures, practice new language and be involved in international community in Baku. The local buddy (Azerbaijani) applies for providing friendly support to international students arriving in Baku. We try to provide all foreign students with one local buddy. Also, we prefer to match students according to their preference.


ESN ADA Baku Buddy Program local students should take care of some matters such as:

* Finding a house/dorm

* Giving a tour around Baku

* Helping with Medical Check up

* Assisting with registration process

* Introduce students to ESN ADA Baku activities

* Introduce to other international students and places to hang out


Of course Buddies are free to meet and share their social media with each other. Throughout the semester ESN ADA Baku will arrange different events (parties, trips, board games, national dinner, etc) We hope to see you all!

Make sure to follow ESN ADA Baku on facebook and instagram to keep track of the events.


How to sign up?

If you want to become a buddy or wish to get one, please contact buddy@esn.az


How does it work?

You sign up, and if there are enough students signed up you will be matched with a local buddy. Throughout the semester, we match buddies continuously. Before classes start, you will receive an email with information about your buddy. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that everyone will get a buddy.