Between 20 November and 4 December 2019, ESN ADA Baku joined the Social Inclusion Days, an initiative bringing together local communities and international students for social inclusion through volunteering. The two-week initiative provided opportunities for youth to expand their knowledge and contribute to improving society.

Erasmus in Schools

During Social Inclusion Days 2019ESN ADA Baku visited a secondary school located in Narimanov region for “Erasmus in Schools” projectwhich is an initiative that aims to provide non-university local students with more knowledge about Europe and international mobility. Our members gave a presentation on what is Erasmus+ programme and how we can benefit from it. The international students of ADA University also talked to local children about their experience in Baku and the importance of cultural integration. 

Screening of Documentary

ESN ADA Baku organized another Social Inclusion project in cooperation with CineMates Club: The airing of the “Shelter” documentary movie. The event was aimed at raising awareness about the victims of gender-based violence and discrimination by displaying the daily life of inhabitants of the shelter. The producer of the movie, Maryam Mirzayeva, also attended the event to provide information about the circumstances of the shooting and the meaning behind the story.
After the screening, the participants deliberated on the movie while enjoying the delicious pizzas provided by Villa Pizza, Azerbaijan.


The main goal of the Social Inclusion Days was to provide youth with the chance to do more with their mobility experience, to create a positive social change and make a difference through volunteering. ESN works to establish a more mobile environment by supporting and promoting the student exchange from different levels and providing a valuable intercultural experience.

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