Erasmus Student Network’s only section in Azerbaijan has officially been opened at ADA University this semester. Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student organization owning more than 530+ local sections in 40 countries across Europe which aims to help students to study abroad and explore different cultures, provide self-development and intercultural understanding opportunities under the principles of Students Helping Students. From organizing integrating activities for exchange students to contributing to the increase of employability of local youth, ESN’s scope of work is very wide. ESN gathers young people from various cultural and educational backgrounds who contribute to the diversity of the organization’s work while creating opportunities for the personal and professional development of their peers.

ESN ADA Baku team has already started to arrange various activities for the new international students in collaboration with the International Office of ADA University to make their stay in Azerbaijan more fascinating. It is worth to mention that on August 30, ESN ADA Baku organized “Meet and Greet” event for new international and incoming exchange/Erasmus students, which was the very first event of Fall 2019 semester.

Ali Taghiyev, senior student at ADA University and President of ESN Azerbaijan stated: “Erasmus Student Network offers a lot of opportunities for international and local students. This year ESN adopted a new vision which states that it will be a global student network by 2025 committed to improving international education and providing self-development opportunities to two million young people, fostering intercultural understanding, and creating positive change in society. By bringing ESN to our university we aim to provide a chance for our students to benefit from the opportunities and services that Erasmus Student Network opens”.

The activities of ESN at ADA University are not limited with local activities only, they are currently working on South Eastern European Platform (SEEP) Baku, which is one of the annual prestigious events of ESN International. The SEEP is the place to meet fellow ESNers, exchange ideas and knowledge, get trained so that everyone can bring the valuable experience back to their local sections. ESNers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, and other European countries will gather for 4 days to participate in the workshops, plenary sessions and other activities rich in ESN spirit.

If you want to get detailed information on ESN ADA Baku and their activities, you can follow them on social media.