On 14-15 June, ESN Azerbaijan held its 1st Online Elective National Platform, which was the 5th National Platform in the history of our organisation.

The major outcomes of the NP were the election of the National Board for 2020-2021 mandate whose mandate starts as of today and adoption of the new Statutes and the Standing Orders of ESN Azerbaijan. Furthermore, as of today, we've also launched the Alumni Network of our organisation to benefit from the best experiences of our lovely Alumni and stay connected. The motto of the Alumni Network is, of course, Once an ESNer, always ESNer!


The formation of the new National Board of ESN Azerbaijan is as follows:

• President: Ordukhan Gahramanzada
• Vice-President: Parvin Nabili
• Treasurer: Esmer Safarli
• Projects Manager: Sevinj Aliyeva
• Communication Manager: Fidan Khaligova


Board Support Team of ESN Azerbaijan:
• Marketing Manager: Dela Mansimli
• Purchasing & Sales Manager: Narmin Mammadova
• Education Officer: Bakhtiyar Salmanov
• Press Coordinator: Sarkhan Jafarli
• Photographer: Narmina Aghayeva
• Videographer: Azer Guliyev
• Project Coordinators: Javad Ahmadov, Banuchichak Gurbanova, Nazrin Sadigli
• Events Coordinators: Jeyran Jafarova, Chinar Sahlikbayli
• Partnership Coordinator: Farid Gojayev
• Web Project Administrator: Jalal Mammadli
• Vice Communication Manager: Matin Binnatov
• Human Resources Manager: vacant
• Social Inclusion Coordinator: vacant

• Graphic Designer: Saloua Rmita