How to participate in Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is a programme that creates a chance for students to participate in student exchanges including studying abroad and traineeships that are financed by the European Union. Azerbaijan is currently considered an Eastern Partnership Country which opens a door for Azerbaijani students to take advantage of the Erasmus+ programme. The purpose of the following sections is to provide the general background information about the application process for Erasmus+ Programme.

How to apply for Erasmus+ Studies?

To participate in the Erasmus+ Programme, you are supposed to be registered at an institution of higher education who has partnerships with foreign universities. Therefore, you can only apply for this programme from your home university who individually manages the selection of candidates.

  1. Make sure you read the recruitment procedures of your university carefully.
  2. Do not forget you can only apply for the partner universities which are posted in your home university’s webpage and updated each year. If not posted, contact with your university’s office that coordinates Erasmus+ scholarship.
  3. If required, try to collect all the documents at least 3 days before the deadline for having time to solve any unexpected problem.
  4. After being accepted, make sure you follow the instructions provided by your university.

Please bear in mind that even some universities can be a partner of your home university without being a choice for you; some of them can be “closed” to your faculty due to certain academic reasons.

When to apply for the exchange programme?

The application duration for the Erasmus+ scholarship is determined by each university. It is advised to go and contact your university’s International Office to learn more about the deadline, and other required documents for taking part in the exchange programme.

Which criterions are considered important in the recruitment process? 

As mentioned above, the recruitment process is conducted by each university individually, so criterions can vary among different universities. Generally, academic performance (grade point average) is taken into account while being selected. However, do not be sad if your academic performance is not perfect since some universities conduct interviews whose score can also be the determining factor. Moreover, you are also supposed to know the language of the university that you are planning to go (mostly English).

For further information, check website, and contact your university’s International Office.