Music is such an essential part of every human being's livelihood that we could never imagine a world without it. Could you imagine a movie without a score and soundtrack? Surely no. But music isn't as easy of a concept as we might think. There're many layers and complexities within itself that many scientists have researched and discovered a lot of exciting features. Today I want to touch on several interesting aspects of music that researches uncovered throughout the years. Let's dive in!

In this article, I wanted to write about the importance of students' mental health, but I got sidetracked by another issue plaguing the youth - procrastination. You can't imagine how some of the most beautiful ideas could be crushed under the artificial pressure of procrastination. It destroys your motivation and leaves you naked to any external harm and forces fragility upon your mental state. But what's one of the most common causes of procrastination?

For any student, the start of a new semester, or a start of a whole new study year nonetheless, can be genuinely stressful and terrifying. However, with some organisational setup and preparation, you can be launched to a great start! This article goes into hows, whens and whats of pre-semester practice can help you to be as successful as possible in your studies.

You may think that job interviews are tough, but there is nothing to be afraid of! Read the tips and take into consideration!


Kurban Bayram (Festival of Sacrifice) is being celebrated as we speak and it is one of the essential religious celebrations not only in Azerbaijan but in the whole Muslim world.

What does the concept of "Digital Minimalism" mean?


Because of the prophylactic measures taken to prevent the coronavirus, the quarantine was announced in all classes across Azerbaijan. You may think that this is also a perfect vacation from the stress of university life, hanging out with friends, and relaxing. In the meantime, free time during the break could be used to spend it more productively and efficiently. Below are some things to devote some time of your time during quarantine to:

Unfortunately, exchange semester does not last forever. However, you can enjoy your Erasmus city to the fullest by following a wonderful list of must-do’s. There are plenty of amazing things to discover and we recommend the following list to try before leaving Baku, Azerbaijan.


Growth comes with a change.

New Year’s Eve in Azerbaijani Style 

Social Inclusion Days is an initiative organized by Erasmus Student Network (ESN), where more
than 520 ESN sections in 41 countries arrange events to bring together local communities and
international students through volunteering while promoting inclusive mobility programmes.
This two-week initiative, running from 20th of November to 4th of December 2019, will provide
diverse opportunities for international youth to expand their knowledge and contribute to the